Monday, May 30, 2011

Lest We Forget

The crucible of this day is not who served, but why.
Thomas Jefferson said "the tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants", and I submit to you that, especially of late, too many patriots have died; but not nearly enough tyrants! This month saw the de facto repeal of the Fourth Amendment via judicial activism, first in Indiana, then Kentucky by SCOTUS itself. If what you own or rent is not yours and you are a ward of The State in your own home; if you are subject anytime and place to unlawful search and seizure without warrant or even probable cause, you are not free! We have gone from The Bill of Rights, by way of pragmatic rationalization and the constant political manufacture of excuses, to gate rape in the airports and court-sanctioned murder in our own homes, so the Tenth Amendment is now joined by the Fourth in the box of rights inalienable "except...unless...pending revision" &c. Keep being bought off by the dangled carrot of welfare bribes, and it won't be long before the entire Constitution becomes a politically corrected null and void!
Tyrants have no respect for the rule of law: They look at it as ever subject to how they feeeeeel about it at the moment. Due process is inconvenient; they prefer a gun in their hand and a club to your head. Up the food chain, beyond the redundant layers of bureaucracy and Papistocracy between the citizens and the bankstaz lie a minority of old-money, filthy-rich few, used to having their own way with the world. Slowly but surely, with every dollar the Vatican's minions in Congress get US in debt to them, they have been amassing control. Meantime, their thug army grows: Classless grunts imported or allowed into the country to leech, corrupt poliTRICKsters and their bureaucrat relatives who care only about looking good & keeping their work-free jobs at your expense and munitions manufacturers who want fresh enemies and endless "kinetic military" action.
This is damnear the exact opposite of what the founders intended. In fact, it bears a striking resemblance to the British Empire we thought we had escaped! It is also, unfortunately, the state of our union today!!! It is what happens when citizens value false promises of "social security" too dearly, and genuine liberty nowhere near enough. What happens when a genuine patriot is labelled a "terrorist" and disappears in a no-knock SWAT raid in the middle of the night, while his abductors, torturers and murderers are lauded as "patriots" by Establishment media? Keep doing nothing, you'll find out.
It's obvious to Galt-in-Da-Box we have already forgotten what Liberty is, and prefer licentiousness and privilege instead!

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texlahoma said...

Very well said, I agree and have nothing to add.