Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayer That Works

As opposed to the mumbled mantras & "iffith it beeith thy willith 0 Lordith" copouts of The Whore.
Stop and think about it: Most prayer you hear is not fervent, and certainly falls short of effectual (James 5:16). God has made victory, deliverance and the more abundant life available to whosoever believeth in Him (Ephesians 1:1-11, John 3:16), but religion has set people up for failure, teaching them to chant vain repititions, or ask amiss (James 4:3), based on empty-headed emotionalism, not the Word. Since religion is based on spiritualism and altruism; the FOOL/FEELosophy that you are nothing but a sacrificial animal to be offered up to appease a three-headed, whimsical, transvestite Earth-goddess who alternately calls herself Mary/Jesus/God/the Holy Ghost, most Believers start out in confusion and doubt they will see results and never get much further. In reality, God wants His Child confident in His promises and therefore asking for the best possible outcome. For our learning (Romans 15:4, Galatians 3:24), the Old Testament and Gospels are replete with examples of Believers who A-knew The Word, which is God's Will, and to ask according to it (1 John 5:14&15) and B-took action once they had prayed to see the specific details come to pass - that's called Believing (James 2:14-18). Religion ends in vain prayers, mental ascent and wasted effort, basically what you have when all these elements are separated. Combined together, they can move mountains!
You may recall I've referred to a certain cabal of meddlesome lawyers as the Professional Excuse-Making Industry. Believers today are by and large caught up in a spiritualist excuse-making non-industry that discourages believing in wishy-washy "iffith it beeith thy willith 0 Lordith" non-commited, responsibility and work-free talk, where believing action is replaced with designer causes and ethical fads. Imagine what miracles could be brought to pass if, instead of wasting resources on handouts to dopers and drunks, we focussed on helping fellow believers grow and prosper with the rightly- divided Word and rewarded achievement instead of failure? We might finally start seeing the things recorded in the Book of Acts become a practical reality as the bondage of religion was replaced by the manifested power of God in believing men and women...
There might even be folks outside that were encouraged by the example and inspired to find out how to do the same!

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