Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whew, That Was Close!

The world ended (again) yesterday, too bad you missed it!
On a more credible, serious and directly affecting note, we got a month and a half to stop a trainwreck: You may soon be saying goodbye to your free checking account and hello to new bank card and merchant fees, if the same BanKhazars who plundered you via government bailouts are allowed to ass-rape you by way of new rules set to apply July 1st go unchecked. There are two bills in Congress designed to stop the Khazakh thieves and give the Senate and House two years to investigate and research the long term economic consequences of the special interest legislation passed last fall. They are S. 575 (Senate) & HR1081 (House). You can contact your elected officials through the link on the right margin here, or call 1(877)422-3525 and use your zip code to be directly connected to your Congress member or their staff. If the new Federal Reserve regulations are allowed to go into effect, we go back to the 1970s at the bank; have to pay annual membership fees on credit & debit cards, get hit with new fees per check/charge on checking accounts and credit, debit and ATM cards & free checking - that many poorer, elderly & disabled people depend on - may disappear altogether. Go to
to learn more.
Please use the contact links & info and tell Congress to stop, study this massive BanKhazar money-grab and start over in drafting legislation on interchange fees!

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texlahoma said...

Thanks for the info, wasn't up to speed on these.