Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Extended Weekend Review

Despite yet-again-frustrated plans to visit Dad in Cincinnati, an awesome time was had here at CFHQ.
Various other locales, not so much:

Take for example Monticello, where American citizens were denied their First Amendment rights and subjected to abuse for exercising them. Maybe NWA was right after all!

"Onward Christian Pederasts" as another highly-placed, shuffled-out-of-prosecution chickenhawk shows his true colors, it's not politically correct to say he's a Craplick priest. Bet you never would have guessed, though! Especially when his boss starts making excuses for the perverted behavior.
And my family can't understand why I don't wish to crawl back into that filthy sewer!
Hats off to the few who have actually managed to extract what little truth there is from that shabby corner of the flea market of ideas and carve out a fairly decent motivational existence for themselves, it's just that Galt-in-Da-Box prefer to shop elsewhere.

Tying this all together, it seems the authoritarian Papistocracy's getting a warmer reception than usual in some places, but nothing next to what will be happening if religio-political murder and oppression under the guise of concept war (on drugs/terror), waged with violent, midnight no-knock raids continue.

If America is nothing more than a gilded cage, we dare to hope the dirty screws are sleeping much less soundly than usual this evening, bead-fingering idol-worship and chanted mantras notwithstanding.


texlahoma said...

Sounds like someone did a little no knock raid of their own, on a police car.
I think this kind of thing will happen more often as we sink deeper into the police state. I'm not sure who said it, but I've heard it many times
"The best defense is a good offense."

texlahoma said...

As far as I know that guy might have been an Oath Keeper though. I hope things don't turn lawless like that.