Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Does This Sound:

Since we still have wingnuts out there yelling & screaming about "TERRORISTS!!!" and "9-11!!!" like they actually give half a piece of a busted damn about them, I propose a cost-effective solution...
This solution attacks the issue on several fronts:
1. Quit letting murdering Islamic fanatics into the country - for ANY reason!
2. Stop paying Crap-lick Altruism International to import and settle them as "refugees" (People have a tendency to want to kill you and break your stuff when you invade their country and slaughter their friends and relatives, altruistic excuses notwithstanding).
3. Try minding your own fucking business for a while, instead of everyone else's. Contrary to the romantic assertions of the Whore of Babylon, war is not glorious, the majority of Americans are sick and tired of wasting money policing the entire world, and the Second Amendment provides all the "homeland security" we need through armed citizens who will happily shoot any invader anytime.
Think militias don't work? Tell that to the Somalis who kicked the USMC's ass, and the Swiss who - for very good reason - have never been successfully invaded and conquered.
4. Put people in public office who are NOT whored out to AIPAC, the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund (a/k/a Old-Money, Filthy-Rich Khazakhs), instead of the bead-fingering, idol-worshipping, fatalist pseudochristians that make up most the government. Religion doesn't cause war, but it does seem more than happy to make up convenient excuses for it whenever the BanKhazars want to indenture US even further...Follow the money trail, peeps!
5-10. GET RID OF THE "FEDERAL" RESERVE (which Galt-in-Da-Box lovelessly refers to as KikeBancUSA) & put America on a monetary system based on genuine, tangible asset value, instead of endless fucking DEBT!
There are good reasons the Khazars have been kicked out of every country in the world, or kept in suppression where they were not. The first and most prominent is the "God's chosen people" fraud! Most people don't like being lied to, as a precursor to getting ripped off - go figure..."The curse causeless shall not come", and when someone rejects the Word, there's no place to go but oblivion. It's time to throw off trinitarian/polytheistic brain-filthying and quit bowing and scraping to the Russian squatters in "the mistake on the Med"...
It's PAST time to stop fighting their battles for them!!!

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