Sunday, July 31, 2011

Curtain Call

The Cheezy Political Theatre is winding down, with the expected fucking GOPher sellout"bipartisan" deal in which the Donks get all the socialism they wanted at no expense.
They are both owned by the same wealthy international banking interests. You weren't really anticipating a different outcome, were you? Rookie! Galt-in-Da-Box feels sorry for those of you out there who depend on a government check for your living. Even if it keeps coming, inflation will make it worth less and less. The debate between the driver and passengers as to whether to use a mini-umbrella or a big 6-footer as improvised parachute to break the fall of the government that's been driven over a cliff is over...Maybe those sharp, pointy rocks a couple thousand feet below called REALITY will stop 'em?
You have to wonder how people can be so oblivious to their own self-destruction. Once Uncle Sam's murder has been completed, I suspect the BanKhazars will hire China or Russia to come collect the debt owed them. It won't be the politicians, or other UEMFs that will be expected to pay - they'll be long gone anyhow...Guess who that leaves holding the bag? Maybe a few will attempt to wrap their instinct for self-preservation in the American flag and televise a patriotic rallying cry to get the serfs to fight for them. I hope America stays bunkered and hunkered down, locked and loaded. With our military spread out all over this toilet of a world with no pay coming their way, your only protection outside PERHAPS the local officials will be YOU.
The chasm between politics and logic is wide. We don't have anything approaching sanity on either side of the authoritarian (fifth?) column most mistake for an aisle. Those who aren't cutting any kind of deal they can to advance their own political career are actively working to sell this country out to foreigners or subvert it. If America fails to take it's fate in it's own hands soon and act responsibly, it's hard to imagine a good outcome.
We have to stop worrying about the world, and start making sure our own affairs are in order.


Bob said...

There is only one way left to put a stop to these bastards, but I don't think America has the stomach for it.

Ted Amadeus said...

It's not going to matter now, the fight is coming to EVERYONE'S front door eventually. I just hope we haven't become so accustomed to "assuming the position" for the dirty screws we forget to manifest some balls and grit when the situation demands it.

texlahoma said...

At least we've seen this coming for a long time. The people that have turned a blind eye to everything are going to be at a terrible disadvantage.
Too bad nobody tried to warn them. ;)

Ted Amadeus said...

There are two kinds of people in this world, Tex: Those who believe to manage their own affairs as best they can (producers), and those whose every trivial inconvenience is a freaking excuse to blame or plunder them (moochers). Unfortunately, the pull-peddlers in Washington have created too many of the latter kind, which makes our current joke of a society unsustainable.