Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Going Out Of Business...

...Lost Our Motivation!"
A sign you may very well wind up seeing in many storefronts and businesses, if the GOPhers cave in to the growing media assault and, as they've done before, capitulate on the debt ceiling. You will definately see higher gasoline and consumer goods prices! 2010 was not an election. It was a restraining order!
In a largely socialist and Progressively brain-filthied country like the one we're turning into, it has become unsavory to even whisper of individualism or initiative, and Marx forbid...the vile "profit motive", nonetheless Galt-in-Da-Box has yet to meet anyone sane who worked for free. Including and especially the altruists themselves! Ever notice how the upper echelons of "both" party are populated with Old Money, Filthy Rich who - if they ever worked at all - it was nearly always in the Looter Sector as a politician or bureaucrat, or the Moocher Sector as advocacy for some "enLIEtened" designer cause or ethical fad? And these hucksters rake in MILLIONS with their empty-headed emotionalism-laden bullshit stories, thus enabling their corruptocrat cronies in office. But somehow, if you own a farm or a factory, if you supply the nation with power or the fuel to produce it; if you are a private sector employer or employee off of whom the Political Class leeches you are a decadent, evil, greedy capitalist pig/are the problem and must be controlled or eliminated.
In true John Galt fashion, and in observation of the fact Ayn Rand's working title for Atlas Shrugged was The Strike, I would like to propose that everyone in America's private sector, from the CEOs on down to the janitors, not go out of business, but on strike, as of September 17th, 2011 and demand the government live within it's means as a condition for returning to work, though we really aught to demand it divest itself of any and all agencies not authorized by the Constitution. The Washington establishment already sees you as nothing more than expendable plebes for it's foreign wars, useful idiots to be propagandized by it's indoctrination system and chattel to be extorted...WTF do you have to lose besides your chains, which will soon grow heavier!? It can either be a flexing of your muscle with a strike now, or a bloody massacre of a revolution when the chains of taxes and regulation turn into whips of fiat enforcement, because if you keep enabling and capitulating to a tyrant, you get more tyranny. Hit the Synagogue of Satan and the Whore of Babylon in the pocketbook, and you get their attention. There's nothing that gives a moment of pause to a UEMF like the derailment of their gravy train, and without people to extort, the "CONservaliberal" authoritarian regime weakens quickly. If you want them to hear your voice and see that the free ride is over, stop the engine of the world:

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texlahoma said...

A much better idea than going out into the streets and letting the cops play with their torture toys on you.
Hit em where it hurts, the bottom line.