Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Sense Of Senseless Tragedy

Since my last post, Casey Anthony has given everyone a clear and vivid insight into the mind of the modern American feminStaazi.
Here are a few dozen other various and sundry casualty reports. Regular readers should know I am almost entirely opposed to all forms of marriage, but if people decide to get married, they should take a good, hard look at the consequences of failure before leaping headlong into it. A career woman should choose either a career or marriage, not both (or bare minimum avoid a career until the "empty nest" years after the kids are raised) and men should be much more careful in their search for a wife. The logic behind this is that the nation and the species need fit fathers and mothers much more than they need PowerPoint presentations and socialist workers. Unfortunately, these things do not happen often, and the carnage and destruction environ us on every hand!
America is the absolute worst place to get married, unless the man is extremely well-heeled, thick-skinned, a glutton for undeserved punishment, wishes to become a beckoned call slave, and is absolutely certain he can jump through all her hoops with flawless precision, and that she is the loving, sweet and forgiving type all the time, not just til his signature is dry on the contract. My mother's favorite divorced woman saying rings in my ears to this day: "I don't need a goddamn man to support!" If hers were the only mouth I had ever heard it from, perhaps I'd be more lenient on this subject. It was not.
Libertarians are doctrinaire/de facto pro-choice on everything, but the choice to abort should be made BEFORE the child is born, not after. One wonders, given the its-all-about-ME perspective of most feminStaazi, what unthinking abuse that little girl suffered before her mother "didn't murder" her. Having seen my brother in law, nephews & nieces suffer under the reign of feminStaazi, I can't overemphasize the necessity of men today to give their "serious relationships" a 20 point inspection, especially since every benefit of marriage and then some are usually available without it - for now: As Congress and SCOTUS continue to become more populated with emo-dinglebrains like Pelosi, HITLERy & Palin, we know not how long such privileges shall be allowed, and what future assessments will be made against single men to support the swelling, aging ranks of twat-licking, cat-collectors who prefer the coven to the congregation.
If Ayn Rand rather than Hillary Clinton or Madelyn Murry-O'Hare had been the icon of universal sufferage and feminism, said movements should be flawless in their premise even if it's followers were not in practice, but then if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's ass, either!


The LP 999/Linda said...

Greetings from LP.

This Casey A case was dark mark on single motherhood. Did you catch Market Tickers July 5th post explaining the verdict was a referendum on the police? Gold. And he has a point.

texlahoma said...

If I'd have been on the jury, I would have voted guilty just for not reporting her missing for thirty days.