Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Favorite Cussword

No, that ain't it.
Even though I have to give "the 'F' bomb" it's due, we're talking about that stuff on the stockyard floor; the holstein-originated comparative to most edicts from Washington DC. That soupy brown pseudo-solid, stepped in by farmers and ranchers for centuries, most frequently associated with the orations of Jews'Media talking heads! Yes, Galt-in-Da-Box's favorite oath - incase it escaped notice in most of my prior posts - is BULLSHIT.
Because most folks don't think, they believe bullshit only comes from select, very partisan and exclusively conservative political sources. Au contraire! In our enLIEtened day and time, bullshit is EVERYWHERE in evermore deepening, discouraging piles: Doctors, lawyers, teachers, students...especially politicians and businessmen are - literally and figuratively full of shit...Hence why their pieholes when open, are such magnificent, excellent fountains - often the perpetually flowing variety - of bullshit. Lately though, I've noticed that even politicians and businessmen have nothing on clergymen. Take for example the radio preacher I overheard the other day, supposedly teaching a "Radio Bible Class" who, after allegedly teaching such for decades, said the question he got the most was the one that still baffled him, and that he had the hardest time answering: "How can I know the will of God for my life?" Common sense is profitable to direct here: If you are REALLY a "man of God" who has any semblance of knowledge of the Bible from personal study (I.e: NOT that canned, canonical bullshit they spoon-feed you in "Cemetary" School) you already know the Bible is the revealed Word of God. Therefore reading it would be the best Way to learn "God's will for your life"...which amazingly enough, is usually far removed from some ethereal, nebulous, murky mystery nobody can understand and know for certain. The real issue is not "finding God's will" for one's life...Most people waste their time in some religious corpse of a church, synagogue or mosque for the expressed purpose of avoiding that knowledge, and religion makes them comfortable while doing it - hence it's popularity: Why learn and do the Truth from His Own Lips, figuratively speaking, when one can get comforted by the cognitive-dissonance-based group-feel of a social club believing that which requires no effort or thought instead?
It's terrible when somebody "bullshits" you, but much worse to bullshit yourself!


Bob said...

All these people that run off to church every Sunday:

Have they never read Matthew 6.5 - 6.7?

Hypocrites, all of them. So said Jesus, according to Matthew.

texlahoma said...

I think they would rather make the people keep coming back for bible soundbites and leaving donations than simply letting them read it for themselves.

One of the biggest piles of bullshit that most all religions seem to drop is that "You can only get close to God through us."

Ted Amadeus said...

Excellent points all around.
Life can be hard, but it absolutely will be a lot harder for people who turn off their brains, refuse to think, study and research for themselves and buy into some "one true church" MLM scam instead!