Friday, July 1, 2011

Turning The Corner

Half this year is gone, so how are those New Year's Resolutions coming?
Not so bad at my end, I didn't bother making any. We do have a Public Service Announcement for the Un(der)employed, and especially for those in that category with serious ethical issues: You can make more money than a senator, a drug dealer and a military contractor together - and all perfectly legal - if you go into the burgeoning, ever-expanding and not about to collapse anytime soon - religion business.
All you have to do is borrow enough money to get a stained-glass-decked, motivational whorehouse on a street corner somewhere. Start in the middle-income district. Figure out how to mix telling people what they want to hear, papered over with a few Bible verses or Koran quotations here and there, build in a shop where glittering idols and play-pretties can be sold at exorbitant prices, and you're on your way! Once you've perfected the (witch?)craft of altruism, added a pinch of conservative/liberal social gospel and arranged well in advance just what and who you're going to talk your robots into hating (this can be anything from guns to abortion; Muslims to white people), you can move up to the big time: Sunday morning TV! This guilt-trip/fear-mongering/ego-trip-selling industry takes in BILLIONS a year, pays no taxes on it, spends most of it lobbying Congress into everything from foreign wars to importing foreign bottom-feeders, alms to sots, water wells for wetbacks & access to public assistance for those who never contributed a freaking penny to pay for it, and thus has - neck-and-neck with the Fried Earth Club spiritualists - the greatest bullshit story ever told!
You might well say to me that religion is not supposed to be a business, and I have to agree, but I'm not the one you need to convince: Tell it to the fancy, empty suits parading around in front of courthouses and cameras pretending to care so much about "unborn children, race relations" or the ethical fad of the day. These gainsaying hucksters are famous and wealthy because millions of people who claim to believe the Bible but never crack The Book hang on their every feigned word. Too many folks would rather listen to some false prophet's Scripture-covered lie than exert the effort & brains needed to search the Scriptures daily to see if what they're being taught is actually so.
You talk about a scam...Ho-ly shit!

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texlahoma said...

Man, that's the business I should've gone into.
Like Robin would say:
"Holy guacamole, Batman, there are a whole lot of suckers out there!"