Monday, July 4, 2011

What Made America Famous?

Fred Reed strikes a branch close to the root, but the hewer's work may yet be improved upon.
What great principle or idea was it that embodied "American exceptionalism" (or West and The Rest as Stephen W. Browne puts it), long before Wilson & Der VeldtSchtaaters used it as propaganda to turn US into the world police? While I admit with Fred there's hardly a non-pale, female face among the authors of the Harvard Classics, and this distinction points one in generally the right direction, there's a greater and firmer foundation that gave rise to such: Freedom - personal liberty - is the most precious thing in the world, and unfortunately, becoming even more scarce as the days pass...particularly and alarmingly, right here at home. When I constantly read of citizens strip- searched in airports, shot dead in their own homes during no-knock raids and more recently bludgeoned, battered and tazed by police on their doorsteps for being disabled and "impudent", Galt-in-Da-Box grows more concerned than ever we are careening speedily toward an authoritarian fascism where liberty will be once again, a rationed commodity considered by bougoise leftist/socialist/spiritualist elite in power "FOR ME, but not for thee". The pompous arrogance of Papists has been inherited by their "Progressive" detractors and it looks more and more this Independence Day as though they are the ones the minions of the state exist "to protect and serve".
I see an emerging citizenry that has had all understanding of Liberty "educated" out of them. Chances are excellent that, if you ask a recent graduate what constitutes Western Civilization, he won't respond "THE RIGHT TO BE FREE", but rather some whimpered, lame effeminence about "White, European planet-plundering misogynists!" thanks to the excrement he's been fed in government "schools". Spiritualism produces weakness, promotes tyranny, and is characterized, in the end, not by due process or the rule of law, but the rule of the state-wielded club and whip. Earlier I wrote we had come full circle, back to the imperialism we had escaped. That may have been too lenient and optimistic an assessment! My chief concern is that we have produced such a chronically-dependent and effeminized generation they will gladly surrender the ability to defend themselves for false political promises of bread and circuses.
If the attitude persists that "as long as it's not happening to ME, why should I care?", the door is open for far greater abuses and usurpations.


texlahoma said...


The powers that be want to exterminate 80-90% of the world's population and enslave whoever is left. That should evoke total outrage and hatred, people should be "fit to be tied" over it, but instead they either live in denial or simply don't care. They deserve what they get, but we (people that are awake and trying to fight it) don't.

Ted Amadeus said...

The world is a severely fucked up place.