Monday, August 22, 2011

End Of Grace

It started when the lights went out in New York City.
Some witnesses said they saw a solitary airplane escape when it happened. Others said it was only the beginning, because the entire east coast was dark within 24 hours, but it wasn't sabotage, or terrorism. The crazy lack-of-power sceme (or was that scam) to save the planet from the "ravages" of fossil fuel, coupled with grids poorly maintained by union labor bureaucrats had finally run it's course. The black-out rolled across the country like a bulldozer. Some resorted to generators and flashlights, but when fuel and batteries were expended, night fell yet again - an enduring darkness; a reality that paralleled the nation's fanatical devotion to believing lies instead of truth. Some localities locked themselves down under martial law. Others implemented strict rationing of all remaining fuel and food resources. In a month, it was to no avail, because when the lights and fuel reserves went, so also went the phones, mail, the delivery trucks and the computers.
And the welfare state.
Deprived of their "entitlements", tens of thousands of able-bodied moochers in the major metropolitan areas organized, armed themselves and became roaming hoardes of looters, working themselves up from the elderly and disabled, to the shops and malls, and eventually out into the suburbs and open countryside, where the gated communities awaited like the proverbial fatted calf. Authorities - the last vestiges of a once great civilization, weakened by limited supplies and numbers, quickly fell away. Without the ability to communicate and coordinate efforts, law and order broke down as certainly as their equipment had. As the months passed, looters concentrated less on robbing banks and department stores to cleaning out grocery shelves, then resorted to more gruesome and grizzly means of acquiring sustenance.
People had been slipping away in small numbers prior to the black-out, but rumors began to circulate as many fled the suburbs to seek out friends and loved ones in rural areas of mass disappearances: Abandoned homes, entire ghost towns. Few of the looters survived the conflagration they had started, turning on eachother when there had been nothing and no one else to consume. Those who fought them off successfully or fled their coming began to organize into makeshift caravans, armed and armored. Like nomads, they pressed onward, in search of others, gathering what resources were still available. After the sixth month, as days grew cold and short, stores scarce and depleted, most had to harden themselves against a new adversary: the elements. Some of the nomadic groups fought eachother. Others knew they could not survive without cooperation and some sort of voluntary structure. Most took refuge in deserted rural communities. Seven months into the disaster, the lights came back on - what little still worked.
It happened about a week or so after a makeshift network had been cobbled together among the various communities using library information, solar and wind power and two-way radios. Strangely enough, it was the newer TV sets that came back on, along with those weather radios that go off automatically or sound an alarm during an emergency. Hope rose again! Many anticipated information about help on the way and how to make avail of it. They didn't know the worst had not begun yet.
On the radios, there was only ambient sound: sometimes footsteps or rustling of papers. Muffled, distant voices. The broadcast was continuous. At the same time, a jamming signal stopped the newly-established two-way network cold: All channels and frequencies were deluged with static.
On the televisions was a singular image on every channel. There was a long counter-like desk, lit by a single lamp, near which sat a very heavyset man in an office chair. Figures moved about the desk, infront of and behind it, silhouetted in darkness. They appeared to be wearing military fatigues, or in some cases, SWAT team gear. The top of the counter seemed to be obscured, but strange light emanated from it's surface, competing with the lamp in muted colors, but still much too dim to fully illuminate the room. Every so often, one of the military/SWAT personnel would walk up to the fat man, seated with his back to the camera, and hand him a sheet of paper, or point at something on the desk. The a/v simulcast went on like so for about a day, during which most of the audience discovered it was no longer possible to turn off their TV sets or radios, as they operated on some power source other than conventional electricity.
Finally, someone picked up the camera, moved it to another spot in the room, and started to adjust it. All the men crowded around the glowing countertop took station on either side of the seated obesity, and as the light level rose and the focus cleared, the camera zoomed in on fatstuff.
He appeared to be somewhere between middle-aged and elderly, with thick glasses in round, black frames, held on his face by a nose that could only be described as aquiline. The thick jowls betrayed some part of the Slavik world or Russian Federation as his home. His speech confirmed this. They were not the words of a comforter, or an agent of mercy. It was more like an orientation lecture; one in which the information provided is a matter of life and death, underscored with that last threat in no uncertain terms.
My name, you will learn in due course. It is in reality, as irrelevant as your own. Suffice to say, I am the individual who owns you. I have for some time, now! As far as you are concerned, think of me as God!
Your continued survival is contingent upon your cooperation.
You will do what you are told, when you are told to do it, no matter what you are told.
Those who comply will get what they need.
Those who do not, will find there are now, much worse things in the world than bullets.
Here I help you make sense of this: The great 'experiment called freedom' is over.
It was over when my stooges, whom you kept electing, took away first the value of your money, then your dignity and honor by offering you tons of counterfeit currency in their place.
Slowly, my predecessors and their stooges sold this same control mechanism around the world, only those who bought it and their governors never realized they were becoming the ones being controlled!
America, Asia, no longer exist, and neither do your states or municipalities.
We are now United Nations of Earth!
That unity will be enforced, as the world needs to be guided by a strong hand from somewhere, and you are now looking at that 'strong hand'!!!"
As he spoke, the sounds of trucks and helicopters were audible around the inhabited towns and cities. The camera panned out, and the light shining up from the counter revealed the faces of the men in uniform to not be those of men at all.
In the falling shrouds of shadow, as the light from the counter grew more intense, it did not even appear they were human.


Bob said...


Can't hardly wait for chapter two.

Ted Amadeus said...

You really sure you wanna go there? I'm pretty fucking sure you don't.

texlahoma said...

Man, I didn't know you could write like that!
I was into it and I don't even like fiction... I hope it's just fiction and not...the future.

Samm Hein said...

tex, You get it!
We were granted a gracious reprieve - a stay of execution, if you will - in 1980. I would like to believe it could happen again, but I don't have a lot to base that belief upon.

Bob said...

Ted Amadeus said...

"You really sure you wanna go there? I'm pretty fucking sure you don't."

Of course I don't want to go here.

But we are going there, like it or not. As Vox says, "It's just the beginning."

It's beyond obvious* now that this president and his Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Communist pals and co-conspirators hate just about everything America stands for, and fully intend to destory this nation, to drive this country over the cliff and then spit on it's corpse.

That's been their plan since day one, and now they have the total and unchallenged power to do it.

The really sad thing about all this is that the people who protect this insidious group of bastards will slaughter American citizens without hesitation or second thought, should they become any kind of real threat to this treasonous and lying party boy and his haughty self-anointed queen presently occupying the peoples house.

We have only two choices:
Total absorbtion into the belly of this beast, or total revolution. Based on today's modern hip and cool American "dude", number one is our fate.

*Obvious to the people in American who are not the mind-numbed products of our present totally compromised public school system.

One other thing...

If you a white male living here in America, look forward to some very long days and sleepless nights. There are people gaining great power who hate you and everything you stand for. After all, according to our school system and our media, white males are responisbible for every evil that has ever existed on planet earth.

And you're gonna pay, BOY.

Ted Amadeus said...

If we don't wake up and see government indoctrination for what it is, we're going to be living in someplace similar to what I've described very soon.

Bob, what usually happens when we run out of carrots is Der Schtaat brandishes the stick - and not for making picket signs! Once the third world/dead-beat trash have expended their usefulness to the subverters & begin to riot and loot, the KPc disposes of them as they lock everything and everybody down (you notice the ones here in the States and in Londonistan have been "brought under control" - not unlike that little incident with the Brown Berets and the park in New Mexico you referenced).
You have much more to fear from the Papist FULSOBureaucracy running this joint than you do from the prison/doper/chucker/loser CULTure it's altruism has created for it's own purposes:
They are the middlemen who will GLADLY inflict tyranny on US to keep their BanKhazar/KikeBancUSA-provided paychecks coming.

Anyway, glad everyone liked this...It's been flying around in my head for months like bats in a belfrey! XD