Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Is What It Is...Part Deux

They're going off again like a half-cocked pistol!
I got buddies who - in typical Boomer fashion - can't stay away from the TV. The video junk-food du jour is info-tainment, though most refer to it as 24-hour news. I cannot bring myself to call any of the DONKaganda that comes out of "Chris Matza"s piehole on Hardball "news". It's just contrived leftist rhetoric to give his fellow Khazakhs & their leftist FOOL-Aid drinkers a wettie. I quit listening to the "right"-wing perversion of this on the radio over a decade ago when I figured out I was just getting played like a Strativarius by "Rush Limbilge", and the doctor said "You SERIOUSLY need to lose that crap, it's not good for your blood pressure!" Bullshit never is. And my online and real-world friends who keep letting the bagel-munching, "Oy-vey"ing urinalists think for them keep getting agitated. Me, I just have better things to do with my study history:
A little less than a century ago we started letting Khazars immigrate en masse to New York state & most of them settled in New York City, monopolizing entertainment & media. Today, a hundred thousand people a year LEAVE the (Khazar) Empire Schtaat because of the draconian taxes and skyrocketing cost of living, driven primarily by their greed. A decade of war for Israel to appease their bankers & lobbies has not done so, and the contest continues between "both" party to see who can move furthest left to socialistically fellate them...
And YOU (your children and grandchildren) get to pay for it, because as long as the majority population and politicians of this country are Papist, altruism toward & for the Synagogue of Satan will be rationalized as "our duty as a 'Christian Narion'!" -


texlahoma said...

I despise Rush the giant hypocrite.
His to do list:

Illegally obtain hillbilly heroin.

Take so many of them that I go deaf.

Call for mandatory minimum sentences for drug users (excluding myself of course).

Anonymous said...

Yes. And preach about "family values," after having been married 4 times.

Ted Amadeus said...

Most those birds are fruity as hell, hence the marital problems... The chief among which is marriage itself.
About the only commentator I can stand is Sheperd Smith of FauxNews, and that only in limited doses. Like our food, the substance content in our "news" is down, and the filler is up!
The epitome of red-press sensationalist, reality-free DONKaganda is (P)MSNBC. Junk journalism at it's worst! They aught to call it The 0bammunism Channel, or DonkTV: Their symbol could be a pink jackass with a lavender hammer & sickle!