Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life Is Pain

Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you something.
It is going to become excruciatingly more painful for those who hold tightly to popular myths and illusions, even if those errors have roots in tradition. Take, for example a certain GOPher Neocon Shill who recently de-invited Galt-in-Da-Box from commentary on his highly unconstitutional, globalist, anti-liberty assertions. Look the place over thoroughly. Take in the multiple ironies. If it looks a lot like the angus excrement that so often wafted from Dubya's piehole, there's good reason: It is!
Republicans have become way too much of the hive mind, since The Gipper started feeding daisies. With minor exception one can hardly find a new, honest or pro-liberty thought in the lot, and more often arises the complaint of "two jerseys one team" from the observant at the base of it's pyramid. Vaticanism (of which the spending, debt-generating majority of our government is composed) cannot produce liberty, due to the sheer, dispensational, atheistic nature of The Beast. It is therefore illogical to assume it can preserve or defend it! If there is any validity to the allegations surrounding the GOP's new darling Perry, persuant to his remark that "Catholicism is a godless theology of hate", you may be certain his media cheerleaders will drop their pom-poms when the Establishment leadership gives him the air.
The majority of the Founding Fathers were deists and theists, but not Papist: Having seen the bloody trail the potentates set in power of Europe's "Christian nations" of the (un)Holy Roman Empire, some of them may have still worshipped all three of it's major deities, but certainly did not advocate a continuance of her draconian, feudal (though highly "traditional") methodology of plunder, torture and murder of "heretical" enemy phantoms. Fast-forward through the Whore's inquisitional timeline:
The "heretics" of 1517 became the "Jews" of 1939 and are today's "terrorists". The twin bastard children of authoritarianism - spiritualism and socialism - work ever harder at destroying liberty in the name of defending it. The greatest damage to the cause of freedom comes from shameless posers who advocate boogymen and the torture and robbery thereof, under a number of popular guises. Their "war on terror" would be more accurately called a war on the Bill of Rights! Better yet, a war for Israel, seeing as how since 1965 The Whore has moved radically left in persuit of Khazar approval, and most importantly to the perpetually indebted, their cash (BTW, do you really think Adolf Hitler pulled $80 million to fund Nazi Germany's war effort out of his own ass?).
You cannot separate religion from politics, because for the godless, religion IS politics. Today, America teeters on the brink of going the way of the Weimar Republic. Those not wanting to continue hemmoragic spending on the Welfare State want to spend like drunken sailors on the Warfare State, with no end in sight, for their owners in "New Khazakhstan". The much-touted and ballyhooed globalist economy - funded primarily by BanKhazar & KikeBancUSA, is nearing collapse, but it won't be the bailed out bankstaz that wind up in the concentration camps"Homeland Security Facilities", it'll be "good" mind-numbed robots who enabled, fought & stumped for them.
Every modern revolution - including George W. BUSHevik's "vworld democratik" one - ends by executing it's perpetrators.


texlahoma said...

Their "war on terror" would be more accurately called a war on the Bill of Rights!

I agree with your whole post but that really rang true.

Ted Amadeus said...

It's the freaking 1960s all over again, complete with the War on Poverty, unconstitutional interventionist "police actions" & endless political bullshit-shoveling.
We learned zip!