Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Worries

Everything is under control, DumB-0 assures US.
Funny, but for some strange reason, Galt-in-Da-Box has serious lingering reservations. It might have something to do with OMFR UEMFs who pull massive amounts of jack out of the market & sink it into gold while reassuring Uncle Sam by saying "Spend what you ain't got, we'll print more!" Like a fool, I spent most of last night and a bit of this morning flipping around the one-eyed god of the livingroom looking for some semblance of a talking head that knew WTF they were talking about on the subject. You have some local communities with a little stability, some national "Baghdad Bob"s still trying to talk the public into the 0bammunist cheering section, and a shitload of Wall Street analysts desperately trying to keep a straight face and disguise reality in speculative, confusing double-talk. To get a realistic appraisal, you have to go outside the country. For those who don't rely on the Establishment press, it's a lot simpler to do some common-sense reckoning:
Does a country which has a government that's too stupid to figure out it can't afford to play God have much of a future? When people are allowed to do as they please, you get Woodstock. When government does as it pleases, you get Auschwitz! Oh, say the "experts", we can't stop the union labor gravy train that is the bureaucratic Workfare Schtaat! If we cut off the welfare for the rich and the wars to kill off the poor, what will the Jonesovichs that run the banks think? I got a newsflash for such "experts": Those Bankstaz for whom you stump, shill and whore yourselves out will gladly jack, rape & leave you for the buzzards once they've finished burying America so gently it doesn't even know it's dead, then laugh about it over chilled Maniscevitz on a charter to "New Khazakhstan".
And that time may come a lot sooner than later. Soros is pulling up stakes and joining the long line of fat rats deserting the ship they've gnawed the holes in to sink. Somewhere in time, the pull-peddlers in Washington won't be able to float another loan, then the riots and revolution going on elsewhere around the world - held off only by bribes like disability checks to the perfectly able but lazy - will be going on here.
Unless by some miracle or situation we can convince the liars in charge to live within their means, we are headed for the mother of all economic trainwrecks; the clusterfuck to end all cluster fucks.


texlahoma said...

Good links, looks like big time inflation ahead.

Alan Greenspan
"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that."

What a freakin genius, he doesn't mention that it will eventually be absolutely worthless.

Ted Amadeus said...

General Motors

A Panic Room, Bunker or Bomb Shelter
Ammunition (by the pallet)
Canned goods
Non-perishable foodstuffs
Toilet paper & paper towels
Medical supplies
Silver, and anything else useful for trading purposes, because greenbacks are fucking doomed!