Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing To See Here, Move Along!

Or, "News is what we tell you it is, plebe!"
Just slightly behind Mitt Romney financially and finishing a close second to Michelle BacKhazar in the Iowa straw poll, Ron Paul isn't the only current events 'unperson' out there. I actually anticipate the New York Times or Washington Post will play up the conference on their social pages or as breaking news on how "enLIEtened" our society is becoming, if the pederast priests & Hellyweird Khazakh degenerates throw their weight behind it, because - as has been said here and other places before - money talks and bullshit walks. Should it move forward, it would prove Galt-in-Da-Box's point that, once you license one form of perversion, you've pretty much licensed them all...Or will! Making excuses for the unnatural and abnormal from a legal or academic position does not confer upon them legitimacy: Those who refuse to control their minds in that category are still insane. In the smoke and mirrors, people lose sight of the fact it's just more acceptance of the something-for-nothing lie.
A nation that institutionalizes bribery and thievery in it's political & economic systems will gladly embrace any other corrupt concept that will keep it's regimes in power.


texlahoma said...

Back in the day, when the family was strong and men were men, child molesters knew that there was a very real possibility that they would either be killed or beaten to within inches of their life if they were caught molesting a child. Those were the good old days.

Ted Amadeus said...

Now they become priests, are shuffled around to third-world orphanages if they are caught, or - if they are rock stars or movie executives with enough money - buy their way out of consequences.
If the article is reality, not Papist-ganda, this will not be necessary soon.