Friday, August 5, 2011

Politically Motivated

The evidence suggests our politicians suffer from an acute deficiency in motivation to do what is right, in light of which Galt-in-Da-Box would like to make some suggestions:
How about we start treating them the way they have treated US for centuries and millennia before now? I.e: "Do what we tell you, or get your ass kicked!" I'd sign that petition/resolution in a heartbeat. There are atleast a dozen of those bastards I could name off the top of my head who merit ATLEAST an ass-whuppin'. Some friends suggested a rebirth of tarring and feathering. I believe that, since they like to exempt themselves from the laws they pass, they aught to be exempted from the Bill of Rights as well!
Don't you think your Senator or Representative would do a lot better if there were consequences associated with fucking up? We didn't have "attention defecit disorder" when I was a kid, we had ass-beatin's: A form of punishment delivered to a "brat" - a child who believed he had a right to everything to the degree he forgot the "pecking order". In addition to constituents getting "one free poke" at crooked politicians, the whole SHAMING method has great potential: if you "don't know/can't recall/do not remember/categorically deny all knowledge of" who you were hired and sent up the Hill to serve, you should have to wear a DUNCE cap whenever on TV or in public. Politicians who can't keep their pants on need to be made to wear the Scarlet Letter, a white shirt with a great big "F" for fornicator on it's back. Embezzlers and tax-cheats, a "T" For thief. Influence peddlers, a large "B" for BRIBED, and any of them that broke their campaign promises, (like the "bought lot" that pledged to halt defecit spending in 2010 and sold out to the BanKhazars a couple days ago) a big red "L" for LIAR.
It's becoming clearer all the time that party affiliation is a joke and they say whatever they think you want to hear to get sinecureelected, so this proposal is about the only way these OMFR UEMFs will ever be held accountable for anything they do - probably the first time for many!


texlahoma said...

Sounds good to me.

Another thing that should happen is the IRS shouldn't be allowed to go after anyone else until they go after every politician that hasn't paid his taxes, that should keep them busy for quite a while.

Ted Amadeus said...

Yeah man, no shit! Furthermore:
If you are a congressman & break your promises, bankrupt the country or otherwise fuck up so bad you get fired/voted out, everybody in your district should be entitled to ONE free punch. No weapons, just a good old haymaker right in the nose. If you try to evade, retaliate or sew anybody, you lose that Golden Fleece pension & the IRS takes all your shit & gives it to the constituent you evaded - less taxes, of course.
If you're the President & your policies ruin the country, you are free game/no holds barred (THIS would put the Bush-'bama socialism machine in it's place right-smartly)!