Thursday, August 25, 2011

SICK-sties & "Deja Moo"

No, I haven't seen all this bullshit before, but I have a sickening feeling in my gut you may have - atleast some of it.
Let's run down the checklist: Braindead President, check. Congress that won't do the will of the people, check. Stupid, pointless, expensive interventionist wars, check - three times! Riots in the streets, check. Throw in a couple high-profile assassinations and some good music and we could call it 1968 redux.
It would be nice if there was atleast a Woodstock tribute concert!


Bob said...


The youth that so loved woodstock are today many of the very people behind the creation of those disasters on your "checklist".

Now we have a generation being raised with video game mentors that do not promote the old concept of sex, drugs and Rock-n-Roll, but instead promote killing and violence as your best method of problem solving, games that promote anger and confrontation as viable solutions.

Just wait until they get in charge!

Some of them are even starting to show up at today's sporting events.

We can't keep doing this sort of thing to our kids.

It is said that Hilter made the statement that he didn't care what a nations laws were, give him their children, let him make their music, and he would rule them all.

Maybe that why the Jews hate him so... He was aware of and used their tried and true tactics of manipulation and control.

Ted Amadeus said...

Okay, so it wasn't all the DOPE those hippies were doing that fucked them up, it was the music?
Maybe I'm missing something here, but lay any of the plingy, twangy shit from the 1960s up against the acid/gangsta rap of today and it's got nothing, and I'm a guy that used to buy Rev. Bubba Snakehandler's rants "agaiyin' thayat thayat EVIL rock 'n' rowoll music iz DA DEVIL!!!" bullshit hook, line and sinker: Jimmy Swaggart & the ASSemblies of Fraud hyped and pushed that crap like gospel all over the 80s, but had no trouble with hilljack whinings about cheating women, getting drunk and had ABSOLUTELY no issues with screwing around on their wives & paying for hookers out of the begging bowl.
Now we are talking "Deja Moo".

The Aardvark said...

I HIGHLY recommend Gary North's "Unholy Spirits". He tags the music culture of the '60s precisely, and deals with the myriad other distractions like paranormal and UFO incidents in a non-insane way, Biblical way:

texlahoma said...

I think you're right, check check check.