Friday, August 12, 2011

Social Network Transparency

When the Internet started getting popular, Galt-in-Da-Box's favorite term for it was "CB radio for the middle class".
With all the security issues associated with the world's most well-known social network, perhaps it's time to steal some pages from the playbook of it's hilljack progenitor. I have contemplated departure many times, but find the benefits of new friends far superior to the risk of running into idiots from highschool I couldn't stand, identity theft and political shills of every hue. Back on CB, everyone had "handles", and pretty much knew only an idiot put his whole life out on the air for everyone else to know. Fast forward 30 years, mix in dumb-down FOOLosophical non-education with it's multicultural, egalitarian stupidity and presumption that "everybody is YOUR buddy!" - and calamity ensues as identity theft abounds! I recently modified my profile to supply substantially less accurate information - not that it was entirely straight-forward before - because of security concerns, and therefore suggest the following, for anyone experiencing endless issues with their current account, or who wants to open one but make sure it doesn't get hacked, or otherwise used against you.
1. Don't use your real name.
I have never used mine on the internet. That is your first line of defense!
2. Use partial/group/non-personal photos for your profile.
The top of your head is not revealing, nor a picture of you at a distance/walking away. Another good technique is an old picture nobody would recognize but friends you knew from that time. For more anonymity, you in a group of strangers or a picture of your pet. A stuffed animal or your favorite cartoon character works well.
3. Fudge the numbers.
Reverse the month-day digits for your birthday. Only tell what state you are from, not hometown or where you now live. Leave as much blank as possible.
4. Do I know you?
Only accept friend requests from people you know. Generally, you will have to look for them & introduce yourself by message, but information control is still yours.
5. Some obvious tips:
Frame all posts and comments only in the parameters of what you want known, especially personal info. NEVER give your phone number, SSN, bank accounts or other clearly sensitive info to anyone!
If you are 40 or older, this is probably the sort of stuff you already do in any social parameter. The younger, thanks to pubic screwools, need "expansion on the plain" in detail because government indoctrination and Ritalin tend to lean heavily anti-common sense:
Like gun control, the Establishment wants you as soft a target as possible.


Anonymous said...

Was your facebook account hacked?

Bob said...

Off topic:

Please remove the pointer to "The Gun Deck".

I shut it down permanently last month. I am now toying around with a blog called "The Washington Swamp", but still looking for a definite direction to go with.


Ted Amadeus said...

About a dozen times, Jason.

BOB! Glad you're still in the game: Outside-the-box thinking is a rarity in Bloggywood anymore. I will honor your request by next Monday, when most the crap on my plate's been dealt with.

texlahoma said...

My natural tendency toward paranoia kept me from any of those mistakes.