Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunrise Cafe

The only place other than the Angler Club on Lake Of The Woods I've ever had "Canadian Fries".
They called it the Farmers Plate, a serving of hash browns with sausage gravy on top, generally eaten with malt vinegar as a condiment.
Had it for breakfast this morning. Amazing what life can use as a time machine to take you back a quarter-century: Nobody cared about, much less had any idea we'd be stupid enough to get into any, open-ended engagements in places like Iraq, Somalia or Afghanistan; we were too busy paying off the debt ran up from a brave new old waste of lives and resources for the Papacy in Vietnam, plus all of that stupid peanut farmer's altruism. Americans didn't want debt and dependency, nor the two common flavors of war: Hot & Cold. The news liars droned on with false accusations of "war-monger", but it fell on deaf ears, because there were no wars, and we were in the business of deterring future ones, not starting them. We also actually knew what "conservative" meant, and it didn't mean "read my lips" neocon compromise! Now, 1982 seems as far away as Alpha Centauri; an obscure blip on the intermittent periphery of my memorial radar. America is in far worse shape than it ever was under Reagan, or Carter, or even Johnson. One out of two Americans won't work, expecting government to provide them a cradle-to-grave handout. The same lying leftist social(ist) engineers who were so desperately pimping fagitry as an "alternate lifestyle" then, are starting to sing the same perverts privileges dirge for the chickenhawks. The communism they strove to move then with total nuclear disarmament (ours, not the Russians), is being promoted now with Earth-bitch-worshipping spiritualism palmed off as global warming "science" and healthcare reform (read that nationalization). The "right" is left, and the left is out to lunch, actively promoting globalism.
The really unsettling thing about all of it is how nobody seems to give a shit. Those not actively screaming for more of the poison killing US seem to be standing around in a "porch monkey daze" - smoking their dope/getting hammered, whining about this or that special interest exclusively related to them, and worse of all, expecting somebody else to solve the problem for them!
To this day, if I really want something, I get up off my ass and get it myself.

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Bob said...

I - for one - Do "give a shit".


Seems nobody else around me does.

Everygbody seems to understand (at some level) that the swamp is full of hungry alligators, but since they think the swamp has nothing to do with their lives, they'll be just fine.

What they don't seem to realize is that we all live on a small island in the middle of the swamp.

And the water is rising.

So, instead of jumping in and bashing alligators until I'm eaten alive, I'm building up my little spot on higher stilts.

It won't work for the long run, but I'll last a bit longer than most.

Don't expect me to go charging in to save somebody else's bacon, particularly someone who is to damned stupid to understand that the wet feeling around their ankles is rising water.