Sunday, September 11, 2011

Establishment Power Grab Day

A few sober(ing) thoughts from one unafraid to think.
Today, you're going to be bombarded with all ill-manner of state/death-worship propaganda: Leftists will mourn and whimper anew for all the dead Khazakhs whose relatives were paid millions of taxpayer dollars by the Bush-'bama regimes, while neoComs seeking the GOPher nomination blow long and hard about "WAR ON TERROR!!! TERRORISTS!!! 9-11!!! INVADE IRAN NOW!!!" In all this excitement, you might be led astray, so the link is to help you remember some things about that day in September which BanKhazar & AIPAC - to say nothing of ever-getting-wealthier Papist politicos & munitions manufacturers - would much rather were forgotten.
Isn't it rather telling that the "heroes", the First Responders are not allowed to attend the "Ground Zero" events? It's kind of like a disposing glance through horn-rimmed Kissinger glasses down aquiline beaks saying "You goyim yentl daghz hav zervt yeh pehpuzzes, yeh dizmisst!" Too bad the same cannot be said for open ended police-actions in third-world shit-holes.
Turning from the darkness to the light, there are ways around Establishment indoctrination and brain-filthying. I'm going to spend time with those I care about and who care about the America we lost that day. I'm going to research the Word and believe for an end to authoritarianism and tyranny. I'm going to pray for America to break out of it's death-spiral of empty-headed emotionalism-based willful ignorance and debt-slavery to the VeldtSchtaaters at RedShield. I'm going to believe for a Great Awakening like unto the one that stirred our Founding Fathers to break away from the tyranny of their day. It's the only common-sense alternative to the fruits of spiritualism which appear in abundance all about!
What say you join me, and we turn up the light in this New Dark Age?


Anonymous said...

They delivered the newspapers to my store at about 2:30 AM.. the whole front page of the San Antonio Express News was devoted to False Flag Day... with a huge photo of those spot light things that shine into the sky.. I guess that's what they are... I guess the Captivity Tower or Slavery Tower or whatever the hell it is is nearby...

texlahoma said...

Brainwashing reinforcement day.

With so much overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, I wonder how so many people can still believe the government lies.

I wonder how much of it is willful ignorance. Like "I know it was an inside job, but that reality is too scary for me to handle so I'm going to pretend it happened the way the gov said."

If not that, I guess they're just dumb.

Ted Amadeus said...

We Da Sheeple are scared the loans, bailouts and handouts from BanKhazar might stop if we rock up and call bullshit on the Washington liars.
Shuffling along in unthinking goose-step is always easier than thinking and standing up for what's right.