Friday, September 2, 2011

It Is What It "Uneckschpectetly" Is

By now of course, Burn-the-bank-e, Krugman &/ other Establishment BanKhazars have come out "unexpectedly" downsizing their projections for the last quarter, blamestorming the "unexpected" low numbers/stock tumble - with the help of JewsMedia squalking heads - with references to Irene, George W. Bush, corporate greed, global warming, and racism.
You can bet that no mention at all has been/will be made by the Establishment press of the fact three years of rewarding incompetence, failure and slothfulness with money borrowed by the government has produced little but more of the same behavior! If you pay people to be weak, they will be. But perhaps Galt-in-Da-Box is wrong, as some manipulators in the LIARarchy have taken a new tak of whimpering lame-asseries about "OY Vell, ve echschpectet ein F+ on ah Kikeonomic reporht cahd but ve gaht ein D- inschtet, zo tingz ah REELE lookink bettah! Schmaa!!!"
When your friends and relatives own the banks, more debt-slavery and national indentured servitude can always be spun as economic recovery!


texlahoma said...

"It's good that we took 45% more from those who produce jobs, so we can give 45% more to those that suckle at the tit of the government."

Ted Amadeus said...

Comrade DumB-0 & his Khazakh cabinet feel this constitutes "progress", but only because they're passing the buck instead of paying their own way.