Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Liberty's Three Boxes

Liberty comes in three boxes:
The first is the Soap Box - open your mouth and stand up for your God-given, Constitutionally mandated and absolutely sacrosanct (for those of you in Miami-Dade County, FL that means "no two ways, ifs, ands or buts about it) rights. Second is your Ballot Box: Politicians and diapers must be changed, often and for the same reasons. Third, and this final one seems to beginning evermore the one people who hate being robbed, raped and railroaded by the Khazakh-Papist cabal are considering whether they have the courage to say so or not, is the Bullet Box: It's the last resort when dealing with unreasonable and wicked authoritarian trash in seats of power, because the only way a bully ever gets a clue is when he starts getting bullied. On top of a radical leftist regime, we now have stupid congresscunts emoting for race riots & union goombas calling for "war on those sonsofbitches" who detest FULSOB sloth. Leftists never have had any solid logic behind their "plunder, borrow and bribe" Communomics, so - like crazed fanatics of the past - they inevitably turn to the Billy club and Kristallnacht to impose their will on the people. This is what you get with a Khazar-sculpted Communist running a country into the ground.
It's time for a change - not to just hope for it - so let's turn out the Establishment in 2012 and elect Ron Paul President!


texlahoma said...

Yea! (Standing on chair clapping)

(Which is particularly dangerous because it's an office chair with wheels)

Ted Amadeus said...

And the Establishment press continues to censor him.
Oh well, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy