Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Politically Correct Censorship

Coming soon to a campus near you?
So much for the "free exchange of ideas" the university is supposed to be. Anymore, thanks to Khazakhism, Vaticanism, egalitarianism, feminism & pervert-privileges, college has become a paradigm of totalitarian socialist orthodoxy from which the slightest variance or opposition is severely punished with zero tolerance. From this example, it seems to me Establishment dogma and propaganda trump reality, and millions go into debt every year to get brain-filthied with this bullshit! And as far as the spineless, mealy-mouthed, pussy-whipped "non-violence" campain-in-the-ass is concerned, Galt-in-Da-Box is concerned that filling young skulls with pacifist bilge in a world ruled by the aggressive use of force is sheer, braindead foolishness. The cheap veneer of respectability that is civilization is already stretching thin and tearing at the edges, so not only are most modern college courses preparing students for a utopian fantasy world that doesn't - and never will - exist (atleast not for long: God's Word gives VeldtSchtaat seven years tops) a hyperinflational dystopia is much more likely! You wanna learn something worth knowing? Find a vocational or technical college with hands-on labs or OTJ training programs, and get a career in a practical field.
You can go to the library and get all the worthless Jew FOOL-osophy you can stand and more for nothing, but you only have a once-in-a-lifetime shot to learn how to do something that will make you a decent living!


Bob said...

Too late... too late...

We now have two generations of brainwashed college idiots in charge. Changing their minds or their direction is for all practical purposes - impossible.

They truly believe the tripe they have been spoon fed by their Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Communist professors polluting our college classrooms, and sincerely believe they are right... always.

Never have they considred that they just might have been intentionally misled or actually be wrong, and anyone who disagrees with them is ignorant or stupid - or both - to be ridiculed, laughed at and dismissed.

They are a deadly cancer on the American body politic. As in real life, you cannot talk a cancer out of your body, it has to be forceably removed, by radiation, or chemicals, or the scalpel, sometimes all three.

These one-worlder and Gaia worshiping fools will have to be forced out and neutralized by whatever means required.

I can see no other solution.

Ted Amadeus said...

And I think of all the brave men who died in the Revolutionary War to give US freedom, and how it's being squandered today, and it just makes me sick.

Ted Amadeus said...
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