Friday, September 9, 2011

These Are Bold Statements...

...For a dead guy, that is!
Seriously though, we don't see anything here but the typical rhetoric of a regime that has blamestormed it's way through three years of Authoritarian socialism, gotten America further in debt than it has ever been and enabled more mooching and whining than any wet nurse ever dreamed! In order to hold power, you have to manifest the ability to do something with it, beyond go on vacation, start new endless foreign wars for the profit of your Khazakh pals and have your goons scream false accusations of "RAAAACIST!!!" whenever shit doesn't break your way.
But I'll make this freaking goomba a deal: if you're talking something other than political bullshit, Bring it. I'd love to see it. In fact, the TEAbaggers will probably cut and run, but there are plenty of well-armed others who have spent years getting ready to give you a less-than-cordial reception. Loudmouths like Hoffa are usually "all foam and no beer", but if the numbers I've seen of fellow WASPs "investing" heavily in non-perishable food, potable water, guns and ammo by the pallet are any indication, Comrade Jimmy won't have to look far for that ass-whuppin' for which he claims to be shopping. It won't be a fight either, it'll be a massacre. His!
Be careful what you ask for, saith Galt-in-Da-Box unto the regime that's breaking all the laws of physics - to say nothing of the Constitution - by flying on two left wings, because you may very well get it.

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