Monday, September 26, 2011

To Answer The Question...

...If it's a rooster, you don't have to ask "what part of a chicken a nugget is?"
Seriously though, Galt-in-Da-Box visualizes a McDonald's commercial, based on that famous final scene from Soylent Green where they're hauling the cop (played by Charleton Heston) away & instead of the lines you know, he holds up a 20-piece gameday box in his bloody hand and yells "Breast meat! McDonald's chicken nuggets are made of breast meat!!!" At that, the crowd drops him and runs for the nearest Golden Arches. Hell, I figured that out from the first one. Dipped in homemade Makers Mark bourbon barbecue sauce, while listening to the Colts-Steelers game last night. I knew a win was a longshot, but it was an excellent job of damage control from a team that got a lot of new nicks and cuts when it was over.
23-20 was much closer than I ever expected!


texlahoma said...

It's People!

texlahoma said...

I'd like to see that commercial!