Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Waste

If it's in Der Peoples Schtaat Auf Californication, you are likely paying for it in Federal taxes. That's beside the point, which is How about arresting and fining the Idiots shitting in the streets!?
While we're on the subject of mooching leaches living off you thoughtlessly thanks to their disgusting lack of self-discipline, check out the feminStaazi on the couch. And I'll bet she wonders why she can't get a date...Total freaking mystery to Galt-in-Da Box.
Chances are that DumB-0's multi-trillion-dollar freeloader nation has enabled something similar in your locality. Altruism is much more designed to make politicians look good and get them reelected than it is to "he'p aw da poah folk". Congresscunts threatening America with ultimatums of more welfare or more race riot"flash mob" violence exemplify the type of mind-numbed robot leadership famous for this tactic.
And it seems to me that all this catering to weakness is helping people into more degeneracy and dependence than anything else!

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