Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Braindead Boomer Bullshit

"It can't happen here" and related fruits of willful ignorance from the Grasshopper Generation.
Before some "enLIEtened" Earth-bitch worshipper with tie-dye sweatband, fifteen cats and almost as many divorces starts telling Galt-in-Da-Box all about how she "feeeeeels" all we need is to spend more on "education", let's contemplate the history of that, in light of all the degree-mill-processed socialists that blockaded Wall Street last week (Where's a really effective, all-consuming terrorist attack when you need one!?): People are being indoctrinated today, not taught; dumbed down rather than enlightened. Rather than education, ignorance appears to be the goal of our media & the academy: Rhetoric substitutes for substance & propaganda for science. Democracy was an interesting curiosity we got bored with and traded - with solvency and independence - for being kept by The State and it's corporate backers in a perpetual, pharmaceutical haze. In an age where the Internet has put the world's greatest literature at our fingertips, the new citizen reads little if he reads at all, and that little is to make them feel wise in their own conceits. The bookstores and newspapers close and disappear, replaced by the scourge of our day; the infotainment pundit: The rule of law drops away in chunks, and in its place, rationalized cop-outs & credentialed hypocrisy appear: It's right because it feels good; it's okay because everyone else is doing it! Welcome to Generality Nation! Who reads the stirring works of Martin Luther King Jr. when they can listen to Rush Limbilge? Why pick Frederic Douglas's mind from his phenomenal narratives when one may pseudo-intellectually masturbate with the slick of Louis FaraCON or Jesse HIJACKson? Mental meat & potatoes means the digestive labor of thought. Why bother, when you can pay the cable bill and hire "professional" mind-numbing robots to feed substance-free emo-candy & motivational excrement? The "education" at Fools' College; homecoming at Ignorance University! One small issue:
"If a people desire to be both ignorant and free, they want what never was, and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

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Bob said...

The "Grasshopper Generation"... fantastic description of the people I see around me everywhere.