Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Just In Time For Christmas!!!"

The BanKhazars who ass-raped you via TARP & other government bailouts have their hands in your pockets again:
Making money in the traditional way is becoming tougher for banks. In an effort to make up lost revenue, banks are rolling out new fees across the board:

— Citi will charge $20 a month starting in December to some customers who don't keep a balance of $15,000 or more in their combined checking, savings and investment accounts or loan balances

— Wells Fargo & Co. started testing a $3 monthly fee for debit cards Friday in New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Georgia

— JPMorgan Chase & Co. tested a $3 monthly debit card fee in February in Wisconsin and Georgia

— SunTrust Banks Inc. of Georgia introduced a $5 debit card fee for customers with basic checking accounts in June, and

— Regions Financial Corp. of Alabama introduced a $4 fee for debit cards in October.

The fees have become a flashpoint of anger and frustration among the growing numbers of anti-Wall Street protesters. They come in the midst of a tough economic climate where millions of people are unemployed. Some say the fees are a callous response by banks that were bailed out during the financial crisis.

If you're tired of KikeBancUSA having it's way with you through these wholly-owned and similarly whored-out subsidiaries, you are not without options and alternatives. I moved to a credit union almost two decades ago and never looked back. It's time to flex our muscle and eliminate - as much as possible - the hold these freaking shyster Khazakhs have on our lives.
Just because Uncle Sam doesn't live within his means doesn't mean we have to spend ourselves into oblivion, and dumping debt and The Debt Regime's machine is the best way to start.


BBC said...

I should read Atlas Shrugged.

texlahoma said...

I hope a lot of people transfer their money on 11/5/11. I already use a local bank.

billy pilgrim said...

i have several online bank accounts. when i get pissed at one i tell them to fuck off and with the click of that mouse i'm out of that bank. of course i'll be back when the others piss me off.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I am avoiding them like the plague, because they've become nothing but a plague.