Sunday, October 23, 2011

Power Of Dogma

Gump's Fried Earth Club now Establishment mainstream?
It's entirely possible: Dogma is a powerful thing, especially when it becomes propaganda and morphs into The Official (bullshit) Story of the Establishment on a given subject. Harold Camping had nothing on Al Gore - You think it's just a coincidence the same people that bash religion for tales of hellfire and world doom are the same ones that preach we are "killing" the Earth (which they take for granted is alive) and must return to grass huts and dirt roads or the world is environmentally doomed? I think these fuckers are environ-mentally ILL! And it doesn't matter if it's the stoner occupying Wall Street or Ted Turner in his fancy mansion, you crackpots should be on freaking Coast To Coast AM with the rest of the nutbars and hooky-pookers. Instead, their lies are being fed to young kids in Establishment indoctrination centers at your expense.
Only in so-called "Western Civilization" do we subsidize and fund everything destroying US while robbing and afflicting those who keep it together and make everything work!


Bob said...

"... must return to grass huts and dirt roads..."

Fools who believe that's the solution have never stopped to consider what it would be like to:

-1) Have no running water in their grass hut.

-2) Have no electrical power to run anything.

In -1), no running water means no toilet. That means going around to the back of their little grass shack and dumping in the community pile. Think stench, flies, disease. Oh yes, no toilet paper either... wipe your butt with a smooth rock, or use your finger, just like our ancesters used to do... And then no water to wash your hands with.

No water for cooking, drinking or cleaning. No water for showers or baths.

And in -2), no electricity means none of civilizations benefits: No Cellphones, TV, movies, heaters or air-conditioners, no factory made clothing or shoes.

No refrigerator. No microwave. No lights. Beddie-by at dark, up at dawn.

No convenient frozen dinners to make life easy for the lazy American housewife, no more fast food joints to order in from. No paper towels, no Lysol wipes.

No power tools. No clothes washer or dryer. Everything done by hand.

No very handy and disposable sanitary napkins for the little lady during her monthly. Just old rags that she would have to wash and re-use.

No vacuum cleaner. No Shark steam mop.

No trash removal service to magicly make all your trash disappear.

No modern medicines or hospitals. They take LOTS of electricity.

There is no way that 90% of earth's seven billion people would survive more than 30 days without electricity.

Of course, that's the goal of some of these back-to-basics morons. Problem is - most of them wouldn't have a clue on how to survive either.

Oh yes... No dirt roads needed, No cars or trucks anywhere. They need fuel, and fuel cannot be delivered without electricity.

Pumps. Pumps are run by electrical motors. Gasoline pumps. Water pumps. Pumping station pumps for pipelines.

I used to get sick to my stomach when these witless idiots prattle on about how great it would be to live in King Arthur's day.

Now I just laugh and walk away.

texlahoma said...

They've been working on this crap for a while now, trying to slowly brainwash the children. Years ago my son came home with a text book that was advancing the idea of communism, they didn't call it that of course.
I "deprogrammed" him right away, just by telling him the truth about it. I guess a lot of kids don't have anyone to set them straight or have parents that buy into it themselves.

I think it would do a lot of these people good to live without all the modern conveniences for a week or two, they'd be talking out of the other side of their mouths after a taste of it.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I'm sure neither Al Gore nor Ted Turner would relinquish their millions, mansions, luxury vehicles, nor air conditioning "for the common good": Rank has it's privileges, and the reality behind the dogma is, the bankers, CEOs & other idiots propounding this New Age bullshit want absolute power over everyone.