Monday, October 10, 2011

Under The Dome

That's the most recent Stephen King novel I have read, and it's ripping good shit!
If you have never read any of King's books, the best he ever wrote IMAAMFO is Hearts In Atlantis, with Cell running a fairly close second. Entwining and amalgamating the best of Dean R. Koontz & Richard Matheson, many of King's books have been made into movies, and though you may have heard of his Dark Tower series, don't rush out and waste phat jack on all the books when Galt-in-Da-Box has already done the legwork for you: Get The Talisman & Black House, which tell you all you need to know, and you're good. If you don't like library copy & hardbacks, I hear-tell Amazon's Kindle is excellent, and they probably have an app for your smartphone by now.
He's supposed to be rolling out some new projects sometime soon, but I personally hope old Ted Brautigan becomes the centerpiece of his final Dark Tower novel, where the Six Beams are restored and the Crimson King is locked away forever.


texlahoma said...

I should get my wife to comment on this post. She was reading SK when almost no one had heard of him.

I don't know if I've got A.D.D. or what, but I can't make myself sit still and read. Shelly on the other hand reads almost constantly.

Hey, a Kindle would make a pretty good Christmas present huh?

Ted Amadeus said...

Kindle (and it's various clones) are highly recommended, if you love books but hate keeping hard-copy around. If you already have an IPad/IPod or IPhone, or some Android or PC variant, you might be able to get ebook/audiobook app instead.
Personally, I prefer to check out the books from the local library for free, then buy the hardback from Salvation Army, Goodwill or Half-Price Books (I'm a cheap bast...I mean "frougal consumer" - yeah, that's it!) because I buy few books & the ones I'll spring for are "keepers".