Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unsustainable Development

Establishment politicos need to get their Papist noses out of everyone else's business and take stock at home.
Our "vwonderFOOL & glooorious" Holy Mother Schtaat is now back in the assassination business, sharpening it's claws on American citizens and letting the wetbacks run wild and free (due process of law is pasee with Papistocrats, but you already knew that from all the bloody butchering, torture & murder Dubya got away with). There aren't really any rules, as all is fair in serving the BanKhazar LIARarchy.
That service may be interrupted by increasing natural disaster, terrorist attacks & what have you, as texlahoma informs CFN that DumB-0 appears to be taking on The Almighty in a war on the Bible. We're gonna hafta research a bit - quite possibly forever - to find a record of any earthly authority that ever declared war on God and His Word and survived!
And finally, as we investigate the decline and imminent fall of the classless society, we look in on what could be the cause, but is most certainly the effect: There will be no progress or development - sustainable or otherwise - of a nation that pays men not to grow up and work, women not to marry & raise children and farmers not to grow, willfully ignorant assertions of fagits, feminStaazi and fascists notwithstanding. Galt-in-Da Box unsays no word he has said about the egocentric egomania and spiritualism at the dark center of feminism. It is only remotely viable as an alternative to marriage, or for the "empty nester", and can universally be supplanted by Objectivism.
Agenda 21 is as doomed as the inherently corrupt Khazakh-Papist cabal that hatched it!

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