Friday, November 11, 2011

Honor The Veterans

Note to all the grandstanding, speech-making politricksters using this day for photo-ops & self-gloss:
If you really want to show proper respect for our men and women who have served, first off...Get rid of the military-industrial complex. Bring our troops home from everywhere around the world, and take care of US, not it. Make sure our vets get everything they need to get their health back. Finally, quit wasting our kids' lives to fight everyone else's battles...If some BanKhazar wants another country to do Israel's fighting for them, tell him and his AIPAC buddies to get France deeper in debt to do it. Or the rest of "God's chosen" Russians!
The best way to honor our veterans would be to make damn certain we are not unnecessarily and promiscuously creating more of them.

For you "right"-wing nuts who don't get it: Ask the kids who've come back from ragheadland who'll never see or walk again!

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texlahoma said...

Yeah, you said it. I can't even think of anything to add.