Monday, November 28, 2011

Sovereignty & Solvency

You GOTTA love the neoConservaTARDS who keep regurgitating the "Uncle Sam is broke" talking point.
"Broke" means "I have no money". The government takes in almost a trillion a year in taxes, interest and other revenue. What America is, is INSOLVENT. BANKRUPT: We spend (or rather, Der Schtaat spends for US and passes the bill to future generations) $1.49 for every dollar it takes in, and we already have Crapital Hill idiots talking about wasting even more. Most of this unearned, squandered and borrowed money comes from countries that hate our guts (China and Russia). Meantime, those in powerinsisting we waste more on Der Workfare, Welfare & Warfare Schtaat appeal to the same religiously-disguised or politically motivated Kantian Altruism as an apron of figleaves to cover their naked and blatantly vain egotism. "People are more important than money/What would Jesus do?" yada yadada dada. Most of this squandered, borrowed money is being thrown away on Bush-esque, "national security" xenophobia, because if you're constantly sticking your nose in everyone else's business "for their own good" you are begging to have your nose flattened or blasted off.
A nation that is not solvent is not sovereign!


billy pilgrim said...

if you're politicians can't learn their lesson watching europe implode from too much debt they ought to be taken down to the river and tossed in with radiators from rusted old cars tied around their necks.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Right on, Billy!