Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The TRIPE-artite Society

A state-engineered bar to personal freedom.
A number of years ago I received some literature intimating that most of America's political issues stemmed from our failure to recognize the three great pillars of the so-called Enlightenment - Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. While this romantic assertion is interesting, it fails to take in a foundational point of American exceptionalism: Rugged individualism...You can have liberty, or you can have equality, but you can't have both, because individuals are - by distinction - not all identical. None of this even fairly approximates our deteriorated national demeanor today, in which we are striving so much to keep down with the global Joneses that we've nearly lost all concept of ourselves and what we're supposed to be. Once there was a United States that was the aspiration of the world, because anyone could come here and, by using their brains and brawn, achieve success. Now, of course, this has been sacrificed to the rabble, as the various contemporary versions of Kantian altruism have reduced US to a caste system - a TRIPE-artite society.
The upper caste can be called the globalistic elite: These are what Galt-in-Da-Box likes to refer to as "the three Fs" - Fags, FeminStaazi & Fascists. They are born wealthy and die wealthier because that's the family tradition and screw-ool of thought. Everything said and done by this caste gives the impression they are at odds with one another when they are, in fact, quite chummy and amuse themselves by agitating the lower castes and stirring up conflicts where none exist, off which they profit. The modern scribes and Pharisees, this lot have an orthodoxy, philosophy, psalm and doctrine for every occasion to motivate the plebescheite below, with which they themselves never inconvenience themselves by adherence.
The middle caste are the Functionaries: Apparent authority. A facade of political structure that extracts resources from the lower caste, transfers most of it to the upper caste and borrows heavily on the remains in order to carry out its bribery &/ blodgeonings. People who don't and won't work, but are not "persons of leisure" among the elite can also be considered part of this caste, as they are useful tools and idiots to the expansion of governmental power. They are the enforcers of the prescribed orthodoxy; that's to say the folks upstairs "should" all over themselves, and these folks spread the "should" around!
Finally, there's our caste: The people who actually do the work! Ants, drones, worker bees, etc. Some own & run businesses, some work for corporations maintained by the elites for a particular purpose. It used to be commonplace for people to transit from here to the elite, but that was back when these were actual classes, not institutionalized castes. Today, once in a great while, one/some of the elites will take a temporary shine to one of the drones and allow them "15 minutes of fame/Jus Prima Noctae" whereupon they become a flash-in-the-pan idol or a "carrot" to motivate the "right" or "left" wing of the drones (think Clay Aiken, Justin Bieber or Dave Thomas) and more rarely, one circumnavigates the vast array of obstacles deliberately thrown in their paths to where the elites will allow them to winter among their ranks (Steve Jobs), but there is usually a high price to pay for such allowances.
The most amazing part of this illusion is how fancifully the fabricated "right" drones cling to the FOOLosophy of fascism as Conservative, how dearly the deluded "left" cherishes their fantasy of "Progressive" socialism, and how these socially engineered camps among the working vigorously ignore the leaders of their factions are not only the same, but good friends, and completely in on the charade! From time to time, elites will even place obvious clues and evidence of The TRIPE-artite Society in plain sight - which each of the factions will take and spin against the other, or completely and hotly deny.
As with religion, vanity and egotism demand this lack of action from the factions, because the only alternative is to realize they've wasted their lives, fortunes, honor and liberty on unconstitutional and unrealistic bullshit!

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Man, you really broke it down, good post!