Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Few Last Words...

...On the big topic I'm pretty sure is keeping lots of bloggers mum these days.
This is effect, not cause. This is the end result of a long, poison chain that started when we rationalized altruistic excuses to use the government to take from those that earn and bribe those that don't/won't. The rest is just consequence.
While the remote possibility exists there actually is some huge attack coming of which the government has been warned, and they are trying to ready for it, history says otherwise - from Nazi Germany to Cambodian pogroms to Soviet gulags.
It's not too late to call or write your Representatives, or shoot an email SCOTUS-ward. We can still make a difference as Americans and head off this gross injustice and violation of the Bill of Rights, but it has to be NOW. We can't continue to expect someone else will do it or trot out the "it'll never happen here" cop-out...IT IS HAPPENING, and it MUST be stopped while we still have a system of checks and balances left to utilize.
Liberty demands it of US.


Bob said...

You know as well as I today's American majority has neither the stomach, the desire nor the knowledge to do what is necessary to save their own country.

The Republic once known as the United States is finished. It has been successfully buried - just as Kruschev promised - during his famous but now forgotten U.N. speech.

The unholy alliance of Progressives/Socialists/Marxists/Communists has won the day.

Now, the interesting part begins:

Which if these groups will untimately grab the brass ring and bury the rest?

It will be like starving hyenas fighting over a carcass... not pretty, not pretty.

America's incredibly naive and apparently non-thinking Christian majority has allowed itself to become completely sidetracked by the quagmire of the endless Middle East conflict while ignoring the real and present danger to their own nation intentionally created by both sides in this war. They now are beginning to pay the price for this ignorance.

The sad thing is that as we lose a nation, we gain nothing in return.

We have lost our excellence in schooling, our reputation, our morality, our manufacturing, our money, our natural resources, our ability to think, almost all of our freedoms... and now our Constitution.

The only thing left worth anything - at least to us - is our lives.

But believe me when I say that both the Jews and the Arabs don't think any of us are worth a nickel's worth of sweat to save.

It may seem improbable to many, but it may yet end up that the African Americans who still remember the yoke of slavery and the Mexican Americans who are still reeling from centuries of poverty and despair caused by endless dictatorship may be the ones to lead the charge for freedom once again in America. But understand: They won't be fighting for the America our forefathers built, they will be fighting for their own version of America.

... While the white American macho dudelet worries about things like the Broncos and their chances of winning with Tebow and other such mind-numbing silliness... as the world burns down around him and his very race is condemned to oblivion.

The irony of that scenario is that if the blacks and browns do revolt and win, they will quickly turn on each other, allowing the Asians to realize the final victory.

No wonder E.T. doesn't want anything to do with us.

texlahoma said...

I didn't think Rachael Maddow could speak a negative word about a Democrat, I dislike her a little less now that she spoke up about Obama.

The thing that surprised me about the Senate vote was that nearly all of them are completely bought and paid for, I didn't realize it was that bad.

I don't know if our votes are really counted anymore, but if they are, this vote should be a guide to voters, save the 7, axe the 93.
I'm proud of Coburn from OK for voting "Nay".

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Since the people only pay for two-thirds of the government, whoever kicks in the other third (plus all that jack under the table) has a greater share of the say. There are a number of plausible terrorism scenarios they could very well be hardening against, and Bob touched on some of that. Looking into it.