Monday, December 26, 2011

Religion Of Pieces - UPDATED

Hands, feet & "Allah" only knows what else these textbooks teach Muslim school kids to lop off of the infidels.
While the multicultis scratch their balding eggheads & effeminately whimper through their mullets in amazement at such, Galt-in-Da-Box wonders how many such hate/terrorism schools are right here in the US, thanks to our politically-correct "refugee" policies instituted by Comrade Peanut Farmer and generous government subsidy of Catholic Charities? I suppose we'll get a clue when New York goes up in a nuclear fireball or L-trains in Chicago start flying off the tracks, but hopefully most these nutbars will be sent back where they came from before then. Perhaps you never saw the YouTube video where the ragheads drove a truck over a little boy's hand for stealing a loaf of bread, but that was more than enough to convince me these aren't the kind of folks you're ever going to get too palsy or chummy with...if you're sane, you'll avoid them like the plague! Smart people avoid dangerous situations. It's been my experience that only the old-money filthy-rich and the abject poor are delusional/suicidal enough to actually go about courting disaster; the former due to the vain conceits of altruism and the latter for drugs and companionship.
Economic status is no guaranteed indicator of intelligence, but if you work for your money you tend to value it more - to say nothing of your life!

UPDATE:Holiday Ragheads Galore
Black burqua bombers?
Remote possibilities mentioned earlier aren't seeming quite so remote now. They are, in fact, roaming the malls, standing in exchange lines at Sears and going through my local grocery store checkouts. Atleast a dozen instances in the last week. Lovely Iraqi ladies in festive, ornamental headgear are not what Galt-in-Da-Box is talking about. I mean the hate-filled stares of young Muslim men between the ages of 17 & 30 and allegedly, hopefully women - sans C4 explosive plastique garters and bras - in full length black pajamas with barely an eye slit. These are not encouraging signs peeps, but they are becoming more numerous, as everyone continues to float around in BLANK-OUT-land! No word I've said of socialism will I unsay, but if a military lockdown comes to America, it may not come without provocation: If we have a dozen suspicious-looking motherfuckers in a week in my Podunk two-horse home town, how freaking many are people walking by for PC/multiCULTi brain-filthied lack-of-reasons in Los Angeles, or New York, or Washington DC?
And I wouldn't put it past the "enLIEtened" ignoramuses in immigration bureaucracy to be waving Habib and Jamaal through, either!

Maybe Barry & Eric could take their tiny, racist minds off of (witch?)hunting Bubba long enough to shake down a few REAL "terrorism suspects"!

Just a thought, fellas.
0113, 28DEC2011

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