Monday, January 30, 2012

Never Grow Up

Appears to be the message the artist who crafted this decoupage is sending, but she's about a century too late.
"Yeah, right...HUH!?" You say. Consider this is the bullshit certain people have been moving since 1912 or thereabouts and the devastating effect it's had on relationships and families. Wonder why men aren't marrying anymore? Why half of marriages end in divorce and most of them are initiated by the woman? Unrealistic expectations are antagonistic to relationships. Just as a woman doesn't like being treated like a doormat, a man does not appreciate being considered "a dick with a bank account to empty", as one feminStaazi at work put it. As in anything else, success is a ladder which cannot be climbed with your hands balled in fists and driven into your hips.
FeminStaazi works as a philosophy and lifestyle only for women who never plan to marry. The woman who views marriage as a permanent vacation where her husband is going to wait on her hand and foot and cater to her every whim, so she can quit working is living in a fairytale. Likewise the one who just wants a screw and a kid so she can live off him &/ the government for 20 years, and thus ends up destroying more lives than her own. Enjoy that nursing home retirement, honey!
You can attempt to inflict the decopaged death-style above, but you are going to get back what you give off, and it won't be pretty.


BBC said...

Wonder why men aren't marrying anymore?

Generally speaking modern women are too damn hard to get along with.

Support your local hooker.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

What makes 'em so hard to get along with is this fucked-up attitude that they are the center of the universe and everyone else exists to curtsy to their whims...Hell, if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with an animal like that, I'd get a cat!