Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Surprise Here

Except that so many tried to draw a connection between Ron Paul and this well-crafted bit of Establishment-"right" AstroTurf.
Your first red flag was Khazakh money. The second big BULLSHIT!-alert was it's majority-Boomer composite. They came out of the closet en-masse when shortly after HITLERy"0bamacare" passed, a Gallup poll of TEAbaggers revealed 2/3 of them supported it and other Entitlements, just didn't want to pay for them - and this is what passes for "Conservative" in our day and time.
It's the kind of conservative that wants to execute potheads, throw endless Roman holidays for the mistake on the Med & hate on real Conservatives for supporting Liberty and Ron Paul...IOW not really conservative, except for the first three letters!


Bob said...

Seems to me that the tea party consisted mostly of old retirees that never saved anything for the future and are now totally dependent on government handouts.

Expecting them to back candidates like Ron Paul rather then Socialists like Clinton, Romney, Gingrich ot the Marxist Obama is like expecting to win the lottery tomorrow.

The only solution is to eliminate the bankers... both national and international... The Khazakhs as you call them. They have been a plague on humanity long enough.

texlahoma said...

It started out good, replaced some of the folks on capital hill. Then it was taken over by the fakes like Palin, that seems to happen a lot lately.

BBC said...

Pretty sure I'll vote for Obama again even though he sucks, but the repukes are just too scary.

BBC said...

I could write in the name of my favorite hooker, she's more honest than any politician.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Bob, that's pretty much it, except I would merely eliminate the corrupt international system, not the people - they would be free to go back to Russia, where they belong.

Tex, the social programs were never anything but bribes for votes, but so many worship government instead of God that government is thereby encouraged to try and play the role...It's wrong for the part.

BBC, Vote for anyone but Ron Paul and you're basically voting for Bush-'bama/the Establishment regime that's been in power the last dozen years.
"We know what kind of lady you are, now we're just negotiating the price", or as a coworker put it "We're just choosing which dick is gonna fuck US next."