Monday, January 2, 2012

Play It Smart:

Only make new years resolutions you know you can keep:

In 2012, I...
...won't vote for more Obammunism.
...won't send Jimmy Swaggart any money.
...won't go to church.
...will buy another bottle of Maker's Mark.
...will continue to pester GeOPapists about their glaring hypocrisy and infatuation with tyranny.
...will LMAO every time some rich Khazakh or street gangsta plays the race card.
...will keep supporting Ron Paul for President. going to speak up more loudly for the Constitution.
...don't care who is offended by any of this:

They aren't part of the problem, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!


texlahoma said...

Sounds like resolutions I could keep.

Master Doh-San said...

Aw.... You picked all the Easy stuff. :-)

BBC said...

Well, you know, the Constitution is flawed.

Fuck it, about time for a few fingers of brandy.