Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Is John Galt?

John Galt...

...lives without guilt.
...serves others by serving himself.
...does not demand happiness, he persues it.
...learns by applying reason to objective reality.
...does not expect others to live for him. one without sin.
...keeps the fruit of his labor.
...realizes his only "duty" is to himself.
...does not believe in "chance".
...uses what he earns to live within his means.
...believes in the law of causality.
...chooses his own values.
...knows he has a right to his own body.
...does not demand charity.
...solves problems instead of demanding solutions.
...loves with his mind.
...acts on his own volition.
...lives in a physical reality, not a metaphysical one. the man who belongs on Earth.

And despite all the false promises and exaggerated claims of 0val0ffice 0racles to date, is the only one who can turn his "American dream" into reality.
I am John Galt...Look in the mirror - YOU ARE, too!


Bob said...

An old and wrinkled John Galt stares back at me, but the stell glint is still in those eyes.

Bob said...

crap... stell= steel.

Them old eyes miss a few keystrokes ebery now and again.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

It is not given to the wisest or cleverest among leaders to know what the future holds, but it is given to quite a lot of simple folk to know what is their duty, which in this case is Civil Disobedience:
We don't fight or run, we just stand fast and forth for liberty, to the end, and against all comers.

I like John Galt. A lot. I think I'll vote for this guy for President!