Friday, January 20, 2012

Who Said That?

"This gathering storm started at great distance, with a cloud no bigger than a man's hand...When the first beginnings of evil which may subsequently challenge peace and freedom - and even the life of the state - make their appearance on the horizon, the time is then to sound an alarm and try to arouse slumbering authority to novel dangers...Is the new policy to come to terms with totalitarian powers, in the hope that by great and far reaching acts of submission, peace may be preserved? If so I predict that, at some point or other, on some issue or other, you will have to make a stand, and I pray God that we may not find, through unwise policy, we are left to make that stand alone!"

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texlahoma said...

As the man behind the curtain is exposed the people are less afraid. They are finding their power and he should expect no quarter.