Monday, February 27, 2012

Hand Up Ass

The myth of church-state separation.
Since the issue has been stirred up by many a bead-fingering idol-worshipping spiritualist guru"community organizer" of late, Galt-in-Da-Box would like to dedicate this post to all those old queers in priestly sapons taking government money to settle ragheads and illegals amongst US, who are now so upset that they might actually have to cut something back into the kitty. As usual with religion, it's not about faith, it's about money! Unlike the Roman Catholic cult and other big, multinational corporations - whose lawyer Khazars make millions bending and twisting the tax code for their benefit and who have the Mafiawell-paid hoardes to lobby on their behalf, I'm one of the working stiffs who has to foot your freaking bill...HAS had to eversince I started working. Most Americans aren't buying your whiny-ass bullshit either: You were part - a substantial part - of the gang ramming HITLERyC...I mean 0bamaCare down the throats of the majority. Now the consequences are here, and you want to run and hide behind the same Constitutional liberty you have toiled endlessly to destroy for many others:
You kept quiet or cheered on the Patriot Act, and also NDAA 2012. You've railed against contraception, then molested many children produced as a result of your dogma. You worked feverishly to establish an authoritarian police state via MacCarthy from the "right", and since that failed and now that you've aided and abetted a military dictatorship in America from the "left" and the chickens are coming home to roost, you want to wash your bloody hands of it and cry fowl. Since 40% of abortions in this country are performed on Catholic women and girls - after all, "what would the Joneses think?" - perhaps you should stick to your Kantian altruism with a cheap veneer of Christianity, and finally pull your hand out of the government's ass after almost 150 years of meddling in its affairs.
You've already been "SHOULD!"-ing all over US by way of it for far too long.

& BTW: You might also consider pulling your head out of your own ass for an encore!


BBC said...

Even without religion these monkeys are not capable of governing themselves under this stupid system.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

BBC: Check the archives for a post called The TRIPE-artite Society - the "monkeys" have not been governing themselves for many moons now.

texlahoma said...

It would be interesting to see a grand tally of all the good organized religion has done in the world vs all the bad it has done.

What if it were a tie?

I guess that would mean it was all pointless.

What if it did more harm than good?