Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heard About This? all?
(Hat tip to Tex @ Bluebeerriver)
Wow, I wonder why not?
Might have something to do with all those campaign-financing Dr. Khazars in the "treatment/therapy" industry it might put out of their snake-oil business.
Just a theory.


Bob said...

I worked - for a time - for a major American Corporation that built, sold and then maintained cancer fighting radiation machines, and during that time was immersed in the cancer fighting community, the hospitals, the treatment centers, the people, the organizations.

Without a doubt, searching for a cure for cancer is a career path that many have taken and are continuously involved in. To many of these people, searching for the cure is the endless goal, NOT finding one, for the simple and totally selfish reason that finding a cure means the end of their jobs, their careers, their money sources, their power and influence.

They may be full of compassion and concern for those who have contacted cancer, want the best possible care available for the victims, shed huge tears for those who have died, etc., etc., etc., but a cure?

No way, dude, they got huge mortgages on their McMansions and incredible payments for that Porsche and the Hummer. Maybe find a cure AFTER they have retired, but now? Get lost.

Searching for the cure for cancer is a HUGE industry.

Treatment and caring for the victims is a HUGE industry.

But a cure? Good grief man... Ir would put thousands out of work! Where's your compassion? /s

BBC said...

How about preventive medicine? It's a proven fact that if women would swallow some blow jobs they'll reduce their chances of even getting breast cancer.

I'm not giving to research to saving them if they are unwilling to do their part.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You go to the head of the class, Bob. Thanks for catching my drift before it even started.

BBC, that's just wrong...FUNNY AS HELL, but wrong.