Friday, February 24, 2012

"Freedom never worked."

Whatever may be said against Mr. 0, you have to admit he has an awesome set of pipes!
Galt-in-Da-Box has to ponder and seriously question however, what B. B. King, Martin Luther King, Jr & Frederick Douglass might have to say on his rather controversial assertion regarding the liberty they fought for and by which they were made successful. It would appear we are on our way back to imperialist England via His Majesty's Royal Court. When too much wealth and power are concentrated in too few hands, those few become able and willing to buy unconstitutional authority. Why don't we see any efforts to "occupy" Goldman-Sachs or the Federal Reserve board's offices? Is it possible that movement is as much bogus as the Tea Party? If they are not, such actions would be a good way to prove it.
It's not that the Occupation hippies and TEAbaggers don't each have valid points, but that such points are more often hollow rhetoric than issues these agencies sincerely wish to address.
Much like the politicians and Owners they critique, demonstrators and lobbies of the postmodern error seem to concentrate their efforts on demanding entitlement rather than answers: they want hush-money, not solutions for the issues they raise. The Martin Luthers and Martin Luther Kings are gone and the Jesse Jacksons are here. We don't give an honest days work for pay anymore, why bother when you can whine for it instead. This sniveling comes from the top down, as well as the bottom up. Politicians rant and rail against constitutional constraints and laws against insider trading. Old-money filthy rich want their Boomer retirement gimmes AND 0bamacare, but don 't want to pay for it, while 0ccupiers want a job to magically matterialize where they can ply their worthless doctorate in propaganda. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, cultures that have never known liberty until recently, boom and prosper the way we used to, from the principle our "enLIEtened" dumbasses in charge now consider antiquated: The radical concept of making things for which there is a demand, and getting paid to do so!
Mr. President, it's not that "freedom never worked", it's that it cannot work without individual responsibility and discipline.


Bob said...

Looking at that video and listening as Obama slips into eubonics and raps with what amounts to a bunch of brothers from Bourbon Street only enforces my belief that our Republic is finished.

The next election will change nothing. All we see from the Republicians is a bunch of weasels looking to secure their "place in the sun" in America's new Socialist reality.

Ron Paul has no chance. He will get close, but that's all. And even if he could somehow win the White House, the sold out rats in Congress and the Fed would scuttle his every move to save the republic, or the Israelies - with the complete approval of America's Jews and firster Christians - would send Mossad agents to assassinate him.

I have quit worrying about the future. At 73 years of age, I don't have much of a future to be concerned over.

Instead, I am going to watch(and comment from time-to-time) about how this incredibly privledged(but dreadfully brainwashed and braindead) generation is willingly giving this traitor, this cretin, this lying foreigner, this no-class guttersnipe the power to enslave them all.


Evem my own son now believes I am an ignorant redneck moron that can't see the forest for the trees, that my support for the likes of Ron Paul only confirms my stupidity. He doesn't even want me around his "friends" now. He's worried I will embarrass him and endanger his career.

For his change of opinions, I give much credit to his Clintonesque Progressive spouse, who thinks - no, not thinks, but believes - black is beautiful and can do no wrong.

How do you fight something like that? Why should I continue to care? Why should any of us continue to care? If they all want to go a Merxist hell in a Progressive handbasket, why should we keep trying to stop them?

Personally, I'm just gonna sit back and watch the rains come.

And they ARE coming.

Am I throwing in the towel?


I can see no legal or peaceful way to save the Republic, and I'm too old to take up arms.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I subscribe to none of it myself, this is all merely commentary and speculation, based on my perceptions and understanding.
We live in what Stephen King called "The Age Of Poisoned Thought"; of too much information and too little truth and even less substance.
Americans were given the potential for the greatest nation on Earth, and at one time, we may actually have been. If it was, it has been replaced by lies, hypocrisy and foolishness.
Enjoy what little remains and cherish every moment. Look for the best of what is coming...
The Almighty is able to save by many or by few.

Usually, it is by few!

BBC said...

What ever.

Bob said...

I just had a generous Shot of Jim Beam on the rocks.

I feel better now.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

If you don't have any Makers Mark, that'll usually work.