Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bitter To Sweet

There was a time I called this day of the year Bittersweet, because so much of the triumphs and tragedies in my life are associated with it, but it's been more good than bad.
Of late it's occurred to me that, though the number of days ahead may not be more than those passed, they are getting warmer and sunnier, not shorter and colder. The last decade has been better than any before it on a personal level because my attitude and actions have been intentionally geared toward doing the right thing and benefitting others. We get what we give, and become what we think about. These are the two stars by which everyone navigates, whether they're aware of it or not. I quit worrying about what other people have and I don't when I realized most of the folks who "had it all" had everything but time to enjoy it; they were slaves to their professions or business and compensating for never enjoying the fruit of their labor with drugs, yippiedom & the gutter. They were often no better off than poor transients despite living in mansions!
It's important to have enough, and only that, and to be satisfied with having enough.

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