Friday, March 9, 2012

Crackpot Woos Potheads

Note to cannibophiles: This man is NOT your friend!
You might be tempted to feel otherwise, but "ped-piehole Pat" has a blatant track record of Rush LimBILGEry: He will say and do ANYTHING to get fifteen more minutes of fame...Positive or negative. I do not buy his sudden discovery of Libertarianism for half a New York second. I never touch the stuff myself, and have no ill-sentiments against those who do, however religion is never the friend of any species of liberty - especially ROBBERtson's brand of Southern Deadfish omniderigence (blame God for the consequences of your personal stupidity/evil) and GIMME-ism. Galt-in-Da-Box just gots to wonder what his catch is.
Wouldn't it be amazing if the 700 Club guru was pushing this line because he's partial to Da Gonge himself (or not)?

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