Thursday, March 22, 2012

Death By Authoritarianism

Are you next?
If walking through rich Khazar neighborhoods wearing a hoodie and talking to your girlfriend on the phone are crimes which make an American citizen subject to the death penalty without due process, you have to wonder. BTW, meet the greasy Khazakh who strapped on a buckaroo Johnny-Reb attitude and appointed himself judge, jury and executioner, whose ties to Neighborhood Watch are also a bit tenuous. On balance, Galt-in-Da-Box isn't surprised at all that Al FAKEton took time out from his other shakedowns to see how phat a gimme from the Zimmerman camp might be forthcoming..."fo' JEEEEZUS!!!" of course: Whenever there are greenbacks to be had, religion will be there! There's something wrong when you have churches full of poor black families where the preacher makes six figures and the little old ladies are eating cat food. In the middle of all the media feeding frenzy, the unrepentant illegal and the government looking for ways to grab even more power, the issue goes beyond Civil Rights and deeper than the IDIOT-syncracies of the various groups looking to one-up the others over this...America still has the best justice for sale, as money talked and - for now, atleast - Jorge's bullshit walked. Cops have to face internal affairs investigations and trials. Amazing how Zimmerman evaded all that. Or not!
The unanswered, lingering question CFN is concerned with is what if it was your kid... or you?

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