Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Is Possible...

...If I tear it up in the right sized pieces, it could extend my ass-wipe supply a couple extra "visits to the Great White Throne".
Seriously folks, we haven't needed religion since 31OCT1517, and it has certainly been obsolete since the Bible was published for the common man in 1611. Religion has no use for the Bible, does not rightly divide the Word of Truth, and in our day and time, consequentally knows about as much about God as a deep sea snail knows of bald eagles: Almost every stupid, asinine, idiotic idea cluttering up the minds of men - from manifest destiny to social justice - can be traced back to religion, because religion is about some guru controlling you, while God and His Word are about you controlling your own life. Since religion's not doing anything useful or beneficial with the Word, it follows the field is white unto us to harvest, and you'll learn more in five minutes of reading any part of it than you will in a lifetime of church-attendance/membership.
I prefer to believe and take God at His Word, not what others say about them.


BBC said...

God? There ain't no fucking god.

And bibles make piss poor ass wipe but are decent for starting campfires.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Actually, it's the polydaimonistic/earth-bitch-wirship of mysticists and spiritualists like yourself that is utter bullshit, BBC: It's the primary reason I hate "Christian"-ized religion in general & Vaticanism in particular.

And BTW, there's no "science" to your bullshit either, it's spiritualism, plain & simple.