Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Judge For Yourself

The twisted, distorted, convoluted and self-contradicting emotionalism being used to rationalize HITLERy"Obamacare".
As the Supreme Court readies to weigh in on the most oppressive, draconian imposition upon individual liberty in America since slavery, you have to wonder what the debate is about - unless of course, like "0ur Dear Leader", you're a Communist wolf in "Democrat" sheep's clothing. It all boils down to American exceptionalism V. "follow the follower": The most common rationale I hear about socialized medicine is NOT Everybody needs it, nor The people demand it, but "Everyone else does it!" ignoring the fact we already have two public health plans (MedicAid & Medicare) THREE if you count VA hospitals! Incidentally, since most the rest of the world consists of poor serfs kept that way by their government, I really don't give half a broken fuck to be "like everybody else": Most of our contemporary issues arise from "the new world" replicating too many of the idiotic sentimentalities of the old! Behind all the rhetoric is the reality of braindead Boomers who are still living in denial that Social Security is a rip-off, those health plans are bankrupt or on life-support, and the aim of the welfare state is to make you dependent upon it for everything. Instead of wasting more resources on a fourth plan and forcing people to buy insurance so you can tax them on it, the common-sense thing to do - if your aim is genuinely to help people that need it - is consolidate the existing plans and streamline operations. As for funding, that's simple: END INTERVENTIONIST FOREIGN WARS!!!
I would wager considerably that it is much cheaper to keep people healthy than it is to murder them for the Bankstaz.

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texlahoma said...

"the aim of the welfare state is to make you dependent upon it for everything."
You got that right!
"As for funding, that's simple: END INTERVENTIONIST FOREIGN WARS!!!"
I agree with you 100% there too.

On one of those cost of war meters that was only the Iraq war, it was like $8000 per second.